Balmoral Opening Photograph 2On Wednesday 3rd October, 2018, His Royal Highness Prince Charles, The Duke of Rothesay, officially opened Balmoral Offshore Engineering’s (BOE) subsea test facility in Aberdeen.  BOE is a division of Balmoral Group, the Band’s principal sponsor.  BOE is the provider of deep-water buoyancy, insulation and elastomer products and the official opening of the Balmoral Subsea Test Centre was to celebrate the conclusion of its two-year £20m investment project.

Steve Gibb, Balmoral Group Public Relations Manager, invited Alex Simpson, Grampian Police Scotland Pipe Band Manager, to pipe during the occasion for the 100 VIP Guests.  Needless to say, Alex was more than delighted to accept the invitation.

Balmoral Opening Photograph 1Alex said, ‘It was a privilege and absolute pleasure to play at the event, everyone in attendance seemed to enjoy the occasion. It was pleasing to be able to support Jim Milne, Chairman and Managing Director of Balmoral Group on this important day.  Mr. Milne is a highly valued and long term supporter of the Band’.

Alex has been a Piper with the Band for in excess of 30 years and during his time as a Police Piper he has played at many events attended by various members of the Royal Family.  One of the most notable was when he, and former Band Pipe Major Drew Sinclair, played a welcome for the Duke and Duchess of Rothesay when they arrived at Aberdeen Airport during April 2005, prior to commencing their honeymoon on the Balmoral estate.