IMG_0827During early 2016, Pipe Major Pamela Whyte, Pipe Sergeant Blair Milne and Leading Drummer Nicky Gibson decided upon the future musical direction of the Band.  In addition to considerable practice time, this demanded the purchase of new Chanters, Reeds, Pipe Bags and a full set of Drums.  As a consequence the Band’s sound has improved significantly.  The instruments will continue to be maintained in best order, or indeed replaced, to meet the requirements of Pam, Blair and Nicky.

In addition to a top quality sound, Grampian Police Scotland Pipe Band has always been renowned for its extremely smart and uniform appearance.  To this end, and to mark the Band’s 110th Anniversary, a change out of a large proportion of the Band’s uniform has been embarked upon.  Presently all uniform jackets, waistcoats, shirts, ties and socks are being replaced.




IMG_0828The jackets and waistcoats remain the same colour though the shirts, ties and socks are all changed.  Their lighter colours lift and greatly change the overall appearance of the Band.  The last time the uniform was changed out happened during 2007, the Band’s Centenary Year.  That was when the unique Grampian Police Tartan was designed and introduced as the Band Tartan.

Replacing these uniform items has taken a considerable financial investment.  This has been made possible with the generous support of the Band’s principal sponsor, Balmoral Group and a substantial donation received from the Retired Police Officers’ Association Scotland – North East Branch.  Such assistance is greatly appreciated by the entire Band Membership.

The Band’s uniform stock is fully maintained by Nicky Gibson and his wife Elaine, who is a Side Drummer.  Elaine is photographed wearing the revamped 2017 Grampian Police Scotland Pipe Band uniform.